Step In Time

Focus on rehearsals, not your music player

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A simple interface


For efficient rehearsals

  • Watch the Step In Time video.


  • Quickly jump to the right phrase of music
  • Drop a pin by tapping on the scrubber
  • Slide a pin up to remove it
  • Double-tap a pin to adjust or customize it

Control Your Speed

Speed Buttons and Dials
  • Change the speed on-the-fly as music is playing.

    Slow-down, or speed-up the music without changing the pitch.

  • Set the speed with 6 configurable presets
  • Use the inner dial to fine-tune the exact speed you need

More Awesome Features

  • Big friendly play/pause button
  • Easily import music from your music library and even email attachments
  • Control via Bluetooth remotes or keyboards
  • Automatically disables lockscreen while music is playing
  • Wirelessly stream music to an AppleTV® or bluetooth speakers

Note: iOS7 may be required for full wireless control functionality

Premium Features

  • Export the song at your desired speed to an .m4a file
  • Manually controll the lock-screen
  • Choose custom pin colors
  • A smart and convenient pin action button
  • And more...

Designed for Rehearsals

While every aspect of Step In Time has been carefully hand-crafted to suit the needs of the modern dancer, its friendly interface should prove easy to use for anyone working with choreography. Whether you're a dancer, gymnast, figure skater, or cheerleader, Step In Time will help you save your rehearsal time for what you do best: perform!

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